30+ years experience

Deep plough in biochemical fermentation industry, numerous successful cases, products widely applied in industries of amino acids, organic acids, vitamins, antibiotics, food additives, enzymes, biological materials, etc.

Core patent technology

Dozens of patents of invention and core journal papers published; work closely with Jiangnan University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Ningbo University and other colleges and R&D institutes

Advanced design scheme

Customized according to specific customer demand; Continue to create value for customers,In a leading technical positon at home and abroad

Excellent Technical Team

Member of fermentation engineering research institute of China food industry association

Member of China fermentation industry association

Our customers

About Xingbang

Ningbo Xingbang Device Co.,Ltd, a high-tech enterprise specialized in biochemical and environmental engineering equipment design and manufacture. Being a key recommended energy conservation and environmental protection enterprise by Chinese Fermentation Society, it has an excellent management and technical team with decades of industry experience in the field of fermentation and environmental engineering equipment design. Xingbang has dozens of papers published in Chinese core journals and conference proceedings. Xingbang holds a leading position among peers at home and abroad with its competitive core proprietary techniques, including 20+ patents (5 invention patents). Xingbang has a wholly owned subsidiary, advanced biological engineering design company, Ningbo Haobang Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

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Company tenet

求精 高效

技术精益求精   行事专注高效

创新 发展

产品不断创新  企业持续发展

诚信 济世

固守诚信之本  践行济世之志

Expert in Air-handling & Fermentation Exhaust Treatment

空气 · 发酵尾气处理专家

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