By consistent technological innovation and improvement, the efficient helix-strike separation technology obtained another two patents due to its excellent separation efficiency and overall performance. There are two series, SGT-A and LGT-W; they are widely applied in air ventilation & purification, dust removing, environmental-friendly air cooling, etc. and win a lot of praise from customers.


In the figure below, a domestic power plant used SGT-3A cyclone in its renovation project of high-voltage switchgear room. After proper spraying disposal, air humidity and cleanliness met the target, which solved the production difficulties. This project was awarded the second prize of scientific and technological projects.


A foreign company in the industry of aquatic food processing installed a water-cooled energy-saving air-conditioning system that were developed by XB in its workshop, including the patented equipment – LGT-2W-efficient horizontal separator.
Before the renovation, the workshop is so crowded and muggy, the use of the original lithium bromide central air conditioning has high operation costs and it can not eliminate odors. While using the new environmentally friendly water-cooled system, the room temperature reduced by 3 ~ 8 ℃, and the power consumption is only about 15% of the original system. And due to the input of 100% fresh air, employees feel natural and comfortable. The lithium bromide conditioning system is only demanded in rare extreme hot weather, so the working load is dramatically reduced.